King of Kings Christian Radio 89.5

In January of 2018, KOKS was purchased by Gerald Woolverton.  KOKS is a non-profit Christian organization that provides preaching, teaching and songs to spread the word of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  We are operating with five staff members. Gerald Woolverton is the Owner/Manager/President of the Board of Directors;  Lisa Woolverton is the Program Director/Executive Secretary,  Secretary on Board of Directors, Compliance Officer, Program Director, Assistant Manager; Joyce Fowler is a DJ, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Program Director;  Ron Fowler is a Director on the Board, FCC Consultant, Chief of Operations and volunteer DJ; John Young is a volunteer DJ. Both John and Ron have programs on KOKS.  It is the desire of KOKS to provide a variety of Christian based programs, songs, and messages for the community and surrounding communities.  We pray our radio station is a blessing in some way to our listeners.